Client Testimonials

I had tried all the diets – eating plans, Weight Watchers, Slimming World – but everything went belly up (excuse the pun!). When I met Andy he instantly spotted where I was going wrong. We started with eating properly – no crazy diets, just straight-to-the-point foods – and exercise. He explained carbohydrates, proteins and fats to me and made it sound so easy. Now I’m following his method, I’m more positive, my clothes fit better and I’m loving my new look!

Betty F

I thought I was fit and only contacted Andy because of an injury. We had a chat and I booked ten sessions. What a shock! I found I was burning out quickly in the class because Andy was really making me focus on what I was doing when using the different muscle groups. Gradually, my stamina built and I got stronger, as Andy explained about energy stores and why you need to build them up. Now when I’m training, even though the classes are getting harder I still have the energy left to finish at a high level. I would highly recommend Andy, as I can see visible results.


Angie C

Thank you, Andy – you changed my life and my jeans fit now 😊 !!


Liz F

I contacted Andy through a friend and was a bit nervous at the start, as I had a major back problem. He listened to what I wanted and explained exactly what I needed to do with weights, dumbbells, the barbell, etc. and now I feel stronger, more flexible and have much better movement in my spine.



I went to Andy as a last resort, having tried numerous diets and failed. Andy explained in simple terms what I was doing wrong, the things I was doing right and made sure I stayed focused. All in all, I have lost 4 stones and have gone down 4 dress sizes – I’m so happy!


S Smith

I’d been trying to put on muscle for years and the internet was so confusing. In a last-ditch attempt to find someone who I could connect with and really believe in what they were saying, I finally found out about Andy. He told me I was trying to go too heavy with the weights and wasn’t connecting properly with the muscle groups when doing exercises. I was also not timing my food intake correctly. Now my muscles are strong, I’m eating at the right times…..and who knew how important water was?! Thanks, Andy.