Fitness equipment needed

As with all my workouts, every time we train will be different and challenging.

After you go into the video section, click on on 'All Categories' and you'll get a drop-down menu of what the classes cover. Choose what you want and the classes for that section will appear on your page.

Let's revive all your fitness equipment that you've currently got packed or hidden away - you will have fitness equipment in the house somewhere! Come on, let's get it out and GET STUCK IN :)

Here is a list of things you'll need for the workouts - just invest in them as you need them:

  • A set of dumbbells few sizes 3kg, 4kg or 5kg, depending on your fitness level.

  • A barbell assortment of disc sizes (5kg 2kg or 1kg)

  • A basketball

  • A set of press up bars

  • A stepper

  • A kettle bell - few sizes...4kg 6kg  8kg

  • A bunch of elastic bands

  • A medicine ball - 2kg 3kg 4kg

  • A skipping rope

  • An ab-cruncher

  • A fit-ball

  • A couple of dining room chairs